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Tuesday Tip Archive


September 30, 2014: Feeling tired? Dehydration can cause fatigue, so be sure to drink lots of fluids and eat foods high in water (ex: fruits and vegetables) to stay hydrated and prevent tiredness.


October 8, 2014: Attached to your smartphone? Try downloading word games as they are the perfect brain boosters. According to Gary Small, MD and author of "The Alzheimer's Prevention Program," the games build verbal skills and improve spatial abilities. In combining multiple mental tasks at once, it strengthens multiple neural circuits in a "cross-training" for your brain.


October 14, 2014: Top four foods to help you sleep: (60-90 minutes prior to bed) Almonds or walnuts, Oatmeal, Tart cherries and raspberries, Bananas


October 28, 2014: Take care of those pearly whites! Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly lessens the chance of having a lot of pain. You also get to skip out on those wonderful extra trips to the dentist that we all enjoy so much. Though those visits to the dentist aren't the most fun, going twice a year will prevent you from having to go ten times within the span of a few months because you let your teeth maintenance slip.


November 4, 2014: Stretch every once in a while, it boosts circulation and digestion and relieves back pain.


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