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"The biggest reason for failure in life is giving up what you want the most for what you want at the moment."

-Dan Gable



Sleep is an essential component in the muscle building and brain "rebooting" process.




The release of growth hormone reaches it's peak during periods of deep sleep which you reach only if you get A FULL NIGHT OF SLEEP.


Teens NEED approximatley 9 hours of sleep, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. 


Try This-

  • Turn off your phone, TV and computer and hour before you go to bed.

  • Develop a consistent bed time routine.

  • Get cozy.

  • Visualize placing your problems on a shelf for the night, they don't need to keep you awake!

You can't run on empty! 





Empty calories from fast food, processed food, and junk food will slow you down and negativley impact your performance.


See "Power Back Diet!" 


Try This-

  • Eat whole, colorful foods, especially fruits and veggies

  • Snack Smart - try nuts, raisins, jerky, fruit, cheese, chocolate milk

  • Recover from workouts with liquid protein like whey proetein or chocolate milk and 75 mg of simple carbs

  • Drink water throughout the day

  • During a competition, drink a 50/50 mix of sports drink and water


While some stress is a nomal part of life, too much stress will deplete energy and reduce performance.




Try This-

  • Get 9 hours of sleep every night--this alone will greatly reduce stress

  • Limit screen time (texting, TV, computer, video games) to let your brain have some peace and quiet

  • Breathe, meditate, pray, journal, listen to music--whatever works for you

  • Talk to people about things that matter to you--and listen too!

  • Laugh and have fun!


One time drunk erases up to 14 days of training effect. 




Alcohol decreases protein synthesis for muscle fiber repair and lowers testosterone. It negatively impacts sleep, the immune system, and speed. Alcohol will make you more susceptible to illness and twice as likely to get injured.


Marijuana slows down reaction time, significantly impairs your ability to reach REM sleep needed for brain and muscle regeneration, and reduces motivation. 


Garbage in, garbage out. 


Decide what you want with your life and have the courage to make the right choices for you, your team, and your future. 

Life of an Athlete

The State of New Mexico Activities Association created this Life of an Athlete online course.  Anyone can register and view it at anytime.  It takes about 30 minutes to complete and provides a certificate at the end for coaches who would like their athletes to take it.



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